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Collective Worship at St John's School

High quality, enjoyable and relevant Collective Worship is at the heart of our ethos and culture at St John's C of E Primary, Lemsford. As a Church of England school, we have a quality act of worship everyday, which involves the pupils often leading and contributing fully through singing, prayer, drama, and music. The Headteacher, staff members and children all lead Collective Worship and it is a precious time of shared joy, reflection, prayer for ourselves and for others, of song and drama, all firmly rooted in the bible. 


We have a range of Collective Worship:

Monday:         Led by Headteacher and Pupil Worship Group

Tuesday:        Led by staff

Wednesday:   Led by our music teacher

Thursday:      Takes place in church and is led by the ministry team

Friday:           Headteacher - Celebration Collective Worship with parents


Pupils Worship Groups

Pupils from year 5 & 6 are invited to join the Pupil Worship Group and to prepare and lead the monthly Values Collective Worship, as well as contributing to the daily worship throughout each week.

Our Worship Groups in Action!

Welcome Prayers