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Welcome to Special Educational Needs at St John's


My name is Amy Gammon and as the Senco (Special Needs Coordinator) at St John's, I am responsible for ensuring that all our children feel included and accepted and can reach their full potential whatever their additional need. I am passionate about working alongside families of children with additional needs, to identify those needs and find the correct support both in school and, wherever possible, at home too. 

We have a strong ethos of nurture at St John's and this extends fully into SEN; we work hard to support and strengthen the mental health of our children. I share the school's approach of close communication with parents, and if you would like to get in touch with me, please call the school office on 01707 322589 or send an email for my attention to

SEND policy October 2022

SEND in a Nutshell at St John's

Some useful sources of support

impartial Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

Herts Charity Supporting Families in Hertfordshire Autism . ADHD . Related Conditions

Charity in Welwyn/Hatfield supporting neurodiverse children and young people (ADHD, ASD, Tourettes, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia among other conditions) their siblings and families.

A wide range of mental heath resources and support

Young Carers in Herts – supporting children with any caring role at home

Carers in Herts – supporting adults with a caring role